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The Agora

“There was an era when even the brightest minds perceived the earth as flat .For if the earth were round, then surely the oceans would spill off. History if it has taught us anything at all has taught us that the strange ideas we deride today will one day be our celebrated truths”..Dan Brown


“Propaganda spreading over my name;
Say you wanna bring another life to shame.
Oh, man, you just a-playing a game

Oh, man, it’s just a big disgrace.
The way you draw bad card
The way you make wrong moves “…....Bob Marley – Bad Card

The Trial of Galileo is a story that I particularly love.At a time when everyone believed that the earth was the centre of the universe and all celestial bodies revolved around it, Galileo’s deductions and experiments proved otherwise he strongly supported the Copernican theory (” 

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