Android App >> Tukumbuke (Swahili for Let’s not forget)

20 Feb

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The years 2007 and 2008 were the worst years Kenya has ever had. It saw neighbors rise against each other and doing all sorts of inhumane things, destroying property and even killing each other. Now, five years later, we have a chance to choose our leaders again and every Kenyan has a choice to make about which path we gonna head.
Tukumbuke is an app I built at the Apps4Election event. We were in a team of about 8 brilliant guys. With tukumbuke we want to remind Kenyans of what happened when we let ethnicity come in between us. We wanted to also highlight the injustices done to our fellow Kenyans and give a voice to the Post Election Violence victims. There is a web version though its not yet up, a facebook page and a twitter handle.

Get it on Google Play

Below are the screenshots:

Screenshot_2013-02-16-12-41-11 Screenshot_2013-02-16-12-48-35 Screenshot_2013-02-17-12-55-01 Screenshot_2013-02-17-12-55-39 Screenshot_2013-02-18-06-22-44 Screenshot_2013-02-19-21-43-14 Screenshot_2013-02-19-21-42-38 Screenshot_2013-02-19-15-37-56 Screenshot_2013-02-16-12-34-36

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